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I’m at work now…

…and I’m STILL laughing.

Ultimately, it’s going to stop being funny, and it’ll be sad.  It’ll be sad because eventually, I’m going to be that guy; outclassed on some social networking website (or whatever they are going to call it 30 years from now), posting my actual phone number on the Internet and crossing my fingers thinking that a phone call I’m receiving 10 minutes after I posted my number is the fine young lady I thirsted after.  And it won’t be; it’ll be some asshole with no scruples calling me and recording it and laughing at my thirstiness and hanging up.

And I’ll be reminded of this situation that I did 30 years ago.

And I’ll laugh at this again.

Because fuck it, it’s funny.

Sorry I’m not sorry.

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  1. 90sgeekchic said: Why did I not know you actually called!!!! I’m listening now.
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    You’re a dick…. but you’re my dick.
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    O’MAR PLEASE TELL ME WHO THIS PERSON IS did someone seriously call and hang up yo??
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