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Soul Eater Through Episode 8

  • Soul is very protective over Maka… which is why he’s laid up in the hospital ward now.  After seeing the effects of Black Blood over Crona, I wonder how Soul is going to be able to deal with Black Blood coursing through him.
  • I love Maka’s character.  She’s strong and not that “damsel in distress” type, but she has her moments where she’s weak and her determination pulls her through.  She’s genuinely concerned about Soul and blames herself, but I know that she’ll get through it and pull herself together.
  • I’m so happy that Soul Eater actually got ‘Frankenstein’ right.  (Hint: the monster is actually called Frankenstein’s Monster or Adam or Frankenstein’s Fallen Angel.  Dr. Victor Frankenstein is where the name comes from, as he’s the doctor that created the monster.)
  • Speaking of Professor Franken Stein, I love that he’s smart… in a creepy way.  But it only comes off creepy because he knows more than he lets on at times… and it’s used tastefully for the advancement of the show. 
  • Spirit Albarn provided a lot of the comedic dialogue for the first 7 episodes… then he saw his daughter (Maka) in danger… and became hard edged in the 8th.  No matter what, he’ll give his all for his daughter.  I also enjoy the dynamic between the two: he loves her very much and up until he came to rescue her, Maka couldn’t give two shits about Spirit.  Now I see their relationship become more complex as the series goes on.
  • Lord Death and his son Death the Kid… complex relationship there. And I empathize with Kid… I like symmetry as well.  ( I also wish I had twin pistols as weapons like Liz and Patty.)
  • BlackStar is the biggest idiot I’ve ever encountered in anime… but his heart is in the right place.  His ego is what gets in the way.  His weapon Tsubaki is interesting… I expect to see her story fleshed out some more as the show goes on.
  • Finally, I want to scream out about Nurse Medusa and wonder why nobody, including Professor Stein, can pinpoint the fact that she’s a powerful witch floating among them.  Oh well, guess that’s what the show is for.

8 down, 43 to go.  I’m glad this isn’t like DragonBall Z with the filler episodes and whatnot.  It’s all story and it’s all leading somewhere.  I’m liking this anime.  A lot.

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