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I would love to go…makes me wish we were cooler and I was closer

Closer is one thing.

But who said we ain’t cool?

We BEEN cool, Ronnie.

10 ppl, fam? 10? thats a looooot of ppl….but hey if that means 6+ tittymeats gon be flyin around then i guess its ok

It is.  But I’m banking on at least 7 of them having the tittymeats.

So, we good over here.  LOL

You gotta come.

I want to lick your nipples.


youre such a better person than me.

How so?

You can’t act like you won’t be here drunk as shit.

Plans for the New Year’s Tumblr Bash are coming together.

While I’m open to having about 12-15 people here in my home…

I have 10 spots open for people to crash at my place.

Only 10.

I can be honest and say without fail, 6 of those spots are already taken.*

I need to know if I need to reserve a spot for those of you that are even thinking of coming.  Please RSVP in my inbox (or text me) and let me know if you’re thinking about coming and want to crash at my spot.

*The 6 who have their spots filled should already know they’re good.

I haven’t had sex since Saturday.

I need to rectify that, posthaste.

To the anonymous person who bought me a game off of my Amazon Wish List…

Thank you.

Lol…so what you’re saying is, if I show up you’re calling the cops…right?

I wouldn’t do that.

I’d actually invite you in.

But you’d be on a 2 drink limit.  LOL

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I forgot how HAYBOO nickname came about shehateme

but ive been Hayboo’n him since….fuhever.

Me too.  I completely forgot.

But you know you’re my HAYBOO.

I’m gauging interest in who would come to my home for a New Year’s Tumblr Bash.

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Not anything huge, just a small get together.

Get drunk.  Get loose.  Get gone.

If you’re even remotely interested, let me know.

Unless you’re a usual suspect.  I already know you guys will show up and show out.

P.S. Don’t be funny.  If you know we’ve never even said more than two words to each other, don’t be trying to come through.  I’m not trusting you in my crib.

If I come,I might have to fuck someone in the bathroom…I heard it’s a tradition for people…ahem,so I’ve heard….

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…oh, that was different.
EDIT: Trust me when I say I did not submit that to myself.  That was an actual response in my inbox.

Anonymous asked:



…oh, that was different.

EDIT: Trust me when I say I did not submit that to myself.  That was an actual response in my inbox.

"so yall swingers or something?"

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Why everything gotta be about sex, though?

Like, I’m high key offended.  So, because I open up my home to some friends and say we gonna party that means we all fucking?

Come on, B.  AP and I are better than that.

I can come through wherever I want!

Please come so I can pluck you right in the forehead.